15 giugno 2019

Mystery Universe & Nick Redfern censuring antiwar comments

Nick Redfern is trying to make some money cashing on the Russia hysteria.
In his article Russia and China: going underground  he wrote:
two of the world’s most powerful nations – Russia and China – are taking careful, rapid and secret steps to create huge underground installations which may provide some degree of survival for the elite. If anyone tells you that Russia, particularly, is not a threat, they’re wrong.

Russia and China have Deep Underground Military Bases since the cold war but Redfern is describing those facts like a current preparation for war. Moreover the US, the UK and all the mayor powers have equivalent bases. Redfern has now published a book where he links the evil Russian with UFOs.
the Russian government is not our friend, it’s not our buddy. It’s a threat to our nation – and to the West as a whole. 
Even after the CIA invented conspiracy of the "Russian Meddling" that was investigated for 2 years has never found ANY hard proof Redfern knows better:
No such thing as Russian meddling? Don’t make me laugh. 
and he don't let people disagree with him. 

the comment that Intended to post was the following:
Dear Mister Nick Redfern: while Russian meddling in the 2016 election has yet to be demonstrated, the continuous meddling of the USA in other nations affairs is a open facts. A part the recent attempt to overthrow the Venezuelan government, only in the last couple of weeks the US administration meddled in Germany (North Stream 2) and UK affairs (possible election of Corbyn) 

Keeping in mind that the current "UFO Disclosure" is a "War Disclosure", managed completely by CIA and Military Industrial Complex for their own sake, the War Propaganda against Russia by "so-called" truth researchers is appalling.