08 luglio 2016

dopo il successo di AL CIA-DA e ISIS - adesso arrivano i Terroristi Neri!

People are going to die soon. Alot of them. The cops are angry, bewildered, stuck like a wild pig. My guess is four shootings in the next month. Of course each killing will only ratchet up the anger.
The police will only incite more rage.
Up to now that anger has been meek and mild.
Now it has force and teeth. That anger kills.
For the first time in a long time American police will wake up as the sun rises and realize they are now in the Army: they are occupiers holding foreign territory away from a hostile populace. Gone is the Andy Griffith show. Welcome to the Green Zone.
If you have to ask why such a reality exists you are DEFINITELY in the Green Zone. Most of us live in Mosul, the more fortunate Rojava. You are intellectual interlopers, strangers in a strange land.
“There are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen,” so said Lenin in the throws of revolution. Are we there? I’m afraid to pick up my cards and ask, afraid to either see a yes or no.
This is not terrorism. This is the first shots of a new and unspeakable conflict.